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Racial and Ethnic Profiling - A Necessary Evil of Our Times

By Allen J Duffis
Published: August 7, 2009
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Like it or not, Racial and Ethnic Profiling is a valuable and legitimate law enforcement tool and, unfortunately, a necessary evil of the violent times we live in., And anyone out there who is so Politically Correct  foolish as to believe it not to be so is - Politically Correct brain dead.

If there is an element of our society that happens to be - statistically - the most prolific in drug trafficking and general street crime, the police have every right to be more vigilant of their behavior than that of other groups. Unfortunately for the Black Community, at present, they produce the greater number of these individuals.

It must however be recognized that this in not the first instance in modern history that such a claim was made, even though it was not previously referred to as - profiling.

The Italian Community has been a long-time subject of such law enforcement policies of exceptional scrutiny. During the late 1920's right up to the early 70's, they were in the forefront of what was generally referred to as - Organized Crime.

Along with the early Italian immigrants to our shores came the Black Hand, which in time evolved to the Mafia and finally La Cosa Nostra.

The front pages of newspapers were filled with reports of the daily street carnage and bloody exploits of gangsters named 'Lucky' Luciano and Al Capone. However, the Italians were not alone in the 20's to 40's crime spree.

The Jewish Community's contribution was - Murder Incorporated, and with their entry came names such as Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and Lepke Buchalter. (Click here to read more)

In fact, just about every ethnic group that flooded into America during this period, contributed to the ranks of Organized Crime - except the Black Community.

With the exception of neighborhood dealings in the policy racket and minor involvement in the narcotics trade, the Black Community was for the most part a law abiding, politically powerless minority.

Then with little warning there came upon America a tidal wave of social disruption in the mid 1950's, one that would continue into the mid 1960's, ushering in social change - with a vengeance.

Shifting Winds of Social Behavior

Barring speculation to fill in the 'historical cracks', event wise, the following details the general set of circumstances that delivered the American Black Community to its present status:

On December 1, 1955 a Black seamstress named, Rosa Louise Parks, refused to go to the back of a bus in Montgomery Alabama - as was required at the time by Jim Crow Law. And so began the Montgomery Alabama Bus Strike (December 1, 1955 to December 20, 1956) led by Dr. Martin Luther King: fueled by the brutal kidnap, torture and murder of 14 year-old Emmett Till in August 28, 1955. The American Civil Rights Movement had begun.

In this same time period, American White youth discovered Rock & Roll which evolved from Black gospel music, and came at a time when White youth began to revolt against parental control in a manner best described by the title of the 1955 film, - "Rebel Without A Cause."

For the first time, White and Black youth were drawn together by music and, later, a set of common causes. The Youth Movement caught fire in the early 1960's with Civil Rights marches in the American south, and in the mid 60's on the college campus within the Viet Nam War protests.

At the end of this tumultuous period in modern American history, the following Civil Rights Laws and provisions would be in place: The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Immigration and Nationality Services Act of 1965 and the amended Civil Rights Act of 1968 that banned discrimination in the sale and rental of housing.

By the time the United States exited Vietnam the America of 1955 had virtually disappeared. And in its place was a radically restructured nation that was more hospitable to the aspirations of America's Black population.

However, incredible as it may seem, at this juncture of the Civil Rights struggle the Black Community split: 70 percent following the path of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of full integration - while 30 percent chose the opposite.

Nevertheless, there remained a bond between the 'two Black Americas', to view their past experience under Slavery as a - 'bill still to be paid.' And even though history chronicles that Slavery was an experience of many peoples, vocal majorities in the American Black Community persisted in attaching a moral copyright to the terminology; in essence, laying claim to the experience they consider as being - their own.

Today to the backdrop of a new type of music called 'Hip Hop' (or 'Gangsta' Rap), and the introduction of a 'Ghetto Oriented' 'Lifestyle and Dress Code', a new group has taken hold in American society: the - Hip Hop Generation.

So it has come to past that the fortunes of time and history, revolved in such a manner as to deliver the 'element' that had once been the scourge of the Black Community, to the altar of modern day fame and fortune. But despite all of their wealth, fame and public adoration in the eyes of American youth - they are still angry

Angry Black Man Syndrome

Of those who comprise the 30 percent choosing not to unite with American s0ciety, and those who sympathize with them, there has always been the puzzling question of a type of socially destructive behavior that, tenuously, unites them: the public eruption and release of unbridled anger.

The Professor Gates incident of recent news naturally comes to mind. Why would a respected Black Harvard professor explode in an unreasonable fit of temper, toward a police officer who came to his home to investigate a possible break-in?

I am unequipped to answer informatively whether there is an actual biological or cultural link to Black anger, though some have gone on record and attempted to define it 'for purposes of legal and psychological qualification' as - Black Rage.

While attending a professional exposition in 1987 at Chicago's McCormick Center, I personally observed three young men being taken into custody by the police. Two of them were White and the third Black. The White individuals submitted to being handcuffed and placed into the back of a patrol vehicle. But the Black individual resisted submission to arrest with all of his might: kicking and screaming like mad man.

What I took note of was that as one officer was attempting to restrain him with his baton in a chokehold, this young man was resisting so forcefully that he'd managed to elevate his feet off of the ground. With his entire body weight being supported by his neck on the officer's nightstick - he was virtually choking himself to death.

Some months before this incident, I viewed a political discussion program in which an obviously Liberal minded White individual put forth a startling proposal.  It was his suggestion that the police develop a different method for handling Black men, so as to avoid such injuries or loss of life in the future.

That was one of the most stupid and ill conceived statements I'd ever heard. How could the nation’s police departments possibly categorize such a suggestion in their training manuals – Politically Correct Restraint Procedure for Black Men? Ridiculous!

What Is Racial Profiling?

Racial profiling is the determined focus of law enforcement on a specific racial or cultural group, statistically established to be involved in specific types of criminal behavior - in greater proportion to that of the average of other ethnic or cultural elements within society.

Unfortunately for the police authorities, this type of policing is now considered prejudicial and racially bigoted in its execution. And there is a move on to declare profiling illegal - no matter how effective it may have been proven to be.

In other words, as matters stand in our society at present, it is considered morally and legally wrong for an officer of the law to draw a conclusion, make a traffic stop or pursue a lead - based upon the fact that the preponderance of specific crimes are committed by a specific racial or cultural group - even if the conclusions are not only correct, but actually lead to the arrest of the perpetrators.

Welcome to the new America!

The Gates Incident

In a moment of unjustified and inexcusable rabid social behavior, Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates lost his participatory claim on the social norm, and renewed his membership in the '30 Percent.'

The fact that Prof. Gates was in his own home at the time is - inconsequential: at that moment in time the police officer had a legitimacy of his own that superceded that of Prof. Gates - even in his own home. And the officer had every right to examine the premises thoroughly - despite Prof. Gates' protestations. In fact, it was his duty to do so.

Cambridge Massachusetts police Sgt. Joseph Crowley was there to investigate a possible break-in by two unidentified individuals - called in by one of Gates neighbors. And since there had been a previous burglary in Gates home, the dictates of police procedure obligated Sgt. Crowley to not only demand proof of identification from the occupant, but to ascertain that the owner of the home was not under duress or threat by possible person or persons unknown who might have been somewhere in the house at the time. Until he had completed the mandates of his job, Sgt. Crowley was under no obligation to heed the demands of Prof. Gates - even in his own home.

Did Prof. Gates deserve to be arrested? Yes, because his abusive behavior interfered with a legitimate police investigation.

However, can anyone out there explain how a police officer responding to a 911 call by a neighbor (who never mentioned race) in reference to a possible break-in at a Black neighbor's home, is in any way whatsoever committing an act of - Racial Profiling?

Hate Expression: A Human Necessity

Like it or not, there is resident in humans the need to verbally express hatred of other humans. This is a major part of the human psyche that has been in place since the dawn of human existence. And reasonable people should know and recognize that it is impossible to legislate from existence. Unfortunately, this basic understanding appears to have escaped the comprehension of the - Neo Liberal Left.

Liberals continue to believe that certain human expressions of thought (even those uttered in the privacy of one's own home), can be deemed illegal and 'abolished' with the stroke of a legislator's pen, or the ruling of a high court. If that were the case, homicide, gambling, prostitution and the consumption of alcohol would have long ago been eradicated.

One would think the destructive failure of Prohibition (the Volstead Act of 1919), would have removed such foolish concepts from the minds of Liberal academics and politicians. At best we as a society can control such human tendencies - not eliminate them.

A Presidential Act of Stupidity

Established political acumen dictates that presidents don't involve themselves in local matters. And common sense dictates that they never speak on any issue of which they do not have all the facts.

Therefore, it was absolutely incredible that President Obama, after admitting he did not posses all of the relevant facts surrounding the Gates Incident, opted to judgmentally state that the - "police acted stupidly!"

This is the second time our president has gone on record with a statement out of synch with reality, political wisdom and good sense. His remark during his recent trip to the Middle East that - "We are not at war with Islam" - appeared to fly in the face of the 3000 dead American victims of the on 9-11 attacks.

Then again, maybe I misinterpreted his underlying motives as they were intended toward the Islamic world. Could it be that he was simply trying not to - profile them.



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I loved your article, but it looks like the Marshall is out to arrest you for telling the truth. But then again that is America.

G.R., Daytona, FL

A BILL TO BE PAID' :Slavery the curse of mankind , through out the history of mankind slavery was the vehicle that people who enslaved others became wealthy as did the empires that upheld slavery as a means to build empires. it also eventually led to their demise as the empire an which this wealth was structured. tribes enslaved other tribes ; nations enslaved other nations; empires enslaved all. from the tribes to the Egyptians , Romans ,Europeans all the nations either enslaved others or their as a total result mostly all the peoples were enslaved at one time or another. this does not condone slavery.itled to the destruction of each of these empires to die and or to change. it cost the lives of over half million men on both sides in the us. that's a lot of blood and brought distress to a lot of families to get rid of the curse of slavery and its not yet over. we have become wage slaves. don't lose your job or livelihood or else. i could go on forever, i only covered a small part of the issue.

S.H. Tampa, FL

You really did it this time. You know that you are full of it. Don't you like your own people? Are you really black or did you color your picture with photoshop? I hope you rot in hell. I have stronger words then that but I know you wouldnt print it. Right mister sometimes black.

G. Marshall, Bridgeport Ct.



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